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Advanced Life Support

The advanced life support (ALS) ambulance transport must meet the same criteria as basic life support (BLS) ...

Advanced Life Support Intercept (ALS Intercept)

Intercept services are advanced life support (ALS) services delivered by Critical Care or Paramedic’s ...

Basic Life Support

A basic life support (BLS) ambulance is one that provides ground transportation plus ...

Basic Life Support – Non Emergency:

A basic life support (BLS) ambulance is for non-emergent transport when the patient is fully bed confined ...


Medical Transport Service, Inc is a New York State Paramedic Level Ambulance Service

Located in Scio, New York. Our company has been owned since inception by Allegany County residents Dan and Annette Marsh.
Our Fleet currently consists of Seven New York State Department of Health Advanced Life Support Ambulance and Three Advanced Life Support Medic Units or “fly-cars”.
Medical Transport Service currently holds contracts for Advanced Life Support assistance to almost every agency in Allegany County. We also provide Advanced and Basic Life Support transportation for Jones Memorial Hospital.

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